Selly Djap debuts FW18 collection, TRAUMA, at NYFW

Fashion designer, Selly Djap (center), with models wearing her FW18 collection TRAUMA.

On Friday February 16, the spacious Sunset Terrace at 61 Chelsea Piers, transformed into a bona fide venue fit for a fashion show.

From 4:30 to 7:30 p.m., the event space overlooking the Hudson river showcased four unique FW18 collections from Selly Djap, Christina J Kim, AJ Saunders and Blakk April.

As the last day of NYFW, the talented, young visionaries did not disappoint.

Indonesian fashion designer, Selly Djap, opened the show by debuting her FW18 collection, TRAUMA.

This being Djap’s second time showing a collection of hers at NYFW, the NYU sophomore, said, “I love how all the fashion lovers gather in a community to celebrate and appreciate the beauty of fashion. To be a part of it feels magical! I hope that more people can come and join us in this celebration :D”

As the sun set on the Hudson and the lights dimmed in the venue, the chatter from the attendees became hushed as they excitedly awaited for Djap’s collection.

Beginning promptly at 5:25 pm, the DJ faded into Whethan and Dua Lipa’s hit song, “High”, as Djap’s first look, a stunning embellished black romper paired with a choker, made its way down the runway.

Photographed by Mathew Hall

The nine looks from Djap’s collection captivated the room.

Breathtakingly beautiful, each piece evoked a feeling and Djap’s concept came to life.

“I feel so relieved that all my hard work, with the help of my team and everyone involved, are finally paid off,” said Djap.

Backstage, the fashion designer expressed that she was nervous but still very excited, “As guests started filling in the venue and the crowd just kept on getting louder and louder, I became more and more nervous! But, I felt so overjoyed when I walked out at the end of my show and saw the smiles of all the audiences.”

“I’m so glad that through my work, I would be able to bring joy to other people as well.”

Djap started her FW18 collection in November of last year. The idea for her collection came about when she was taking a psych class about Trauma, “I realized that I have been shoving the issue with my dad under the rug ever since I moved to NYC in August 2016. I made the decision then that it was finally time for me to face it and wrestle with it. I told myself that I can’t keep on running away. So, I decided to pour out my thoughts and journey into my work as well.”

The story behind Djap’s Fall/Winter 2018 Collection, Trauma, is inspired by her own upbringing, in which she said,

“Growing up I was physically and emotionally abused by my dad. But, don’t worry it’s not a sad story, it’s actually a happy ending story! The collection itself is about my journey of how I started from a place that is so hateful and unforgiving to a place where I can finally forgive my dad. And that transition is made possible because of Grace. So, each look in the collection actually symbolizes a key highlight moment in my life. And I predominantly use symbolisms and representations to show the meaning of each outfit. In a broader lens, it is a story of transformation from a place of brokenness to triumphant that a lot of women out there can relate with. So, let’s spread the good news of love and grace❤”

Behind the Collection: TRAUMA

Overall, Djap identified that creating this collection was a therapeutic process, “It wasn’t easy and I obviously had challenges throughout the entire journey. But, I’m so grateful to have the support system around me, so I’m not dealing with this alone!”

Since deciding to create TRAUMA to now releasing it, Djap says that she has learned that she is not alone. Through TRAUMA, she hopes to show other women that they are not alone too,

“In the 19 years of my life, I have shared my story with so many people, hoping that one day I could find someone who would truly understand what I went through. And I finally learnt that I’m not the only one. I’m not alone in this. Through Grace in the form of forgiveness, I could finally break free from the burden that haunted me in the past. And I just want to share that message with other women out there. As a sister in Christ, I’ve been there and I’m here with you. I hope that my story could inspire other women to see the truth that there is a way out to what may seem like a permanent prison.”

The host for Selly Djap’s NYFW show, Swanky, wearing the deep-v kimono dress and bralette from Djap’s SS18 collection, SEX.

The fashion show was filled to capacity with a plethora of spectators. Friends, family, fashionistas/os, New York socialites, bloggers and people that were just interested in supporting the designers, were all in attendance.

“I really wanted to be a part of this because I just think all of the designers are amazing and when Selly sent me her look book to pick out an outfit to wear, I was like, ‘Oh my God I have to be a part of this!'” said Swanky the host for the show.

Swanky looked stunning wearing an ensemble from Djap’s SS18 collection SEX, “I’m obsessed with it, it’s so beautiful, elegant, light and airy. It comes with a brallette underneath so yeah I’m loving it.”

Swanky’s favorite part of TRAUMA was the collections unique embellishments, in which she said, “I like how she kept the embellishments from her first collection and she brought it into the second with different colors. This collection was very dark, a lot of blacks a lot of beading, it was beautiful but completely different from what we’re both wearing right now.”

Stylishly sitting front row, Professional Musician from Mongolia, Lípsia said that she came to the show to interact with new brands, “I like their different styles, different concepts, I really appreciate it.”

Lípsia admired Djap’s collection, in which she described it as, “classy and minimalistic which is great. Sometimes you don’t need to have a lot of details in your clothes. Simplicity is everything, so that’s what I like.”

Josephine, and her friend Carla, came out to the show to support Djap as they are both fans of her work. Smiling, Josephine said, “I really liked her dresses and also her story, that she wants to empower women and is christian as well. She’s doing a good job.”

Josephine said that she loved TRAUMA, in particular she noted that, “Everything was black, that was very consistent, I like the designs as well they were very varied. She was expressing the dark side of life, of women and it just makes sense all in all.”

Djap’s team also expressed their thoughts on the show and TRAUMA. Videographer, Revati Doshi, said, “I thought Selly’s collection was very sweet and feminine but it also had that androgynous side to it too.”

Mathew Hall photographed each look as they came down the runway and said that his favorite part would have to be “seeing everyone’s reactions in the audience when they walked by.” Hall, who is also the Creative Director for Selly Djap, continued, “The first and last outfits were definitely my favorites from the collection. But they were overall excellent across the board.”

Carlie Madlinger wearing look 9 from Selly Djap’s SS18 collection, SEX

Carlie: What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers?


-Bring in your true character into your own designs!

-Build relationships through your work

-Understand that you cannot satisfy everyone, so position yourself in a niche market where you belong❤ 

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