NoMo SoHo Sunday Brunch

Walking through the ivy covered arches adorned with sparkling lights at NoMo SoHo, one feels as though they are being transported from the hustling streets of New York City into a majestic forest portrayed best in fairytales.

NoMo SoHo sets itself apart from other unique NYC hotel/restaurants due to its integration of luxury with nature and Manhattan’s trendy street art edge. Besides the decor and ambiance, the menu at NoMo Kitchen is absolutely superb.


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Favorite meal of the day @nomo_kitchen * * * #sundaybrunch

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For Sunday Brunch, I chose to get a NoMo SoHo brunch menu staple: the lemon ricotta pancakes. To me, pancakes epitomize brunch and are a must-eat especially if you’re ever unsure of what to order.

Sweet pancakes will always be my favorite, but since these lemon ricotta pancakes flooded the NoMo SoHo location on instagram, I decided to be adventurous. Three fluffy, golden crisp pancakes were placed before me as the rest of my table received their diverse dishes. Topped with all of my favorite berries, it was obviously a colorful, instagram-mable dish. The first bite I took was filled with zest, the lemony flavor prominent. Paired with my NoMo Pimm’s cup cocktail, it was a refreshing brunch meal to begin Spring.

NoMo Soho is a Concrete Jungle.


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